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August Updates

  • If you can't make it to all 4 lessons and you still want to come to class, you can pay $30 at the door and drop in on any lesson that you're able to make it to.

  • We will be publishing a curriculum schedule on our website as soon as possible. But for now, just keep up with whatever lesson you're dropping into as best you can and we'll do our best to catch you up!

  • We don't want finances to stop people from coming to class. So, if you can't afford the entire class or even the individual lessons. DM us and we can set up a payment plan or some other alternative payment method for you!

  • We have eliminated the social dance on Fridays and have shifted to a practice hour instead. It'll be a great opportunity to work on your social dancing as well as whatever else you're working on.

  • For the practice hour, we want it to be an accessible learning opportunity for everyone. So, it is a 'pay as you can'. Whatever you can pay will be greatly appreciated.


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