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Why the name "Copper City"?

A collective decision

My website designer Courtney Mansell helped me come up with this name.

This blog post has for some reason been over a year and a half in the making. I think it might be because I don't know how to prioritise anything.

Picture from our "Fast Feet Workshop With Patricio"

The Copper City is to be a shining beacon of hope on a hill.

While that's dramatic

I have high hopes. Insane aspirations. And naive dreams.

Copper because it was once Arizona's most popular export. And City because cities are where people are. Where there are people, there are things to do. There is hope for a better future. There is possibility at a minimum. Here in the west, we don't have much worker or social solidarity with our fellow man. But I believe there is a day coming when we all realize we need each other. And we will find joy in providing what we owe one another. Copper City is the name we go by, we will attach different things to the end of it to define other dimensions of what we do. Copper City Society, Copper City Citizens.

Become a Citizen of the Copper City

Which just means joining the club, pay your dues and reap the benefits of being a club member. Or become a co-op member and help to operate the Copper City Swing events and classes.

Contact us if you want to become a managing member of CCS or if you want to join the club. Subscribe to our email newsletter below!

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