Membership? pay as you go? or learn for free?

Lindy Hop does not NEED to be learned in a classroom. But, it certainly helps.

Become a member of the Copper City and get free or discounted access to EVERYTHING we offer!

Here at Copper City Swing, we offer 3 main ways you can learn Lindy Hop and get involved in the community. While of course you can mix and match the 3. Some may only have the ability to do one, and some will have a preference for others.

The differences between methods consist mostly of individual preference and financial ability.

The cost-efficient method: "Social dance method"

Is also the least efficient way to learn. It is time-consuming and labor-intensive. It also happens to be the way that I think most people end up learning. Especially in AZ where Lindy Hop isn't always easy to access.

This method consists of paying for the pre-social dance intro lessons and then social dancing, asking other dancers to show you how to do new moves, watching youtube instructional and competition videos, and practicing by yourself and/or with friends at home, or at venues before social dances.

The most efficient overall: "Classes and privates"

Is also the most expensive. But you're going to become confident in your abilities and competent exceptionally quickly. Since this dance is highly focused on the social aspects, we encourage people who take this method to also go out for social dancing. But, there is also nothing wrong with wanting to take lessons and privates and not go social dancing!

This method consists of attending progressive group classes, and individual or small group private lessons. You can always add social dancing and their introductory lessons into this method, but this is really good for learning quickly if you are someone who can afford classes and private lessons then you should absolutely do it! You won't regret it!

Membership method: "Copper City Membership"

The best bang for your buck! Become a member, and get all access to discounted or free pricing for everything that CCS hosts. Including but not limited to free access to all classes and all social dance practices. Discounts on social dances, workshops, annual events, and private lessons.

There is nothing else like this in the valley. Truly competitive pricing plus quality content and expertise.

Some day soon all will be free – Anonymous

Why aren't classes free now?

Copper City Swing is still new, we are trying out new and different ways of operating. We are operating out of pocket as we do not believe we should take on debt for the company.

Free is simply not an option at this time.

However, the more partnerships we develop, the more collaborations we do, and the more people that talk about us, the easier and more cost-effective our programs will become. Tell your friends about Lindy Hop! It's the only way things change!

Getting involved:

If you want to be a part of the developing community here in the east valley. We are looking for managing members for our co-op.

And we have volunteering opportunities. Which will allow people to attend classes, events, and social dancing in exchange for some of your time and labor. PM us and subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive access to volunteer and paid positions!