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Copper Club Membership$60.00
Duration: Until canceled

Sales Tax (6 %)$3.40

every month
You will be charged monthly until canceled.
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Upon confirmed payment, the buyer will be eligible for entry to all regular classes in a given month. "Class" is defined as regular course content and not workshops, clinics, or otherwise advertised. Buyer will be eligible for all social dance practices in a given month. It is recommended that each plan is purchased at the start of any given month. Each plan when purchased will continue to charge the buyer until the buyer cancels the plan. No refunds will be given for missed social dances or classes. If all social dance practices are not attended after purchase no refunds will be issued. If all classes are missed no refunds will be issued. If you do not attend one or any of the social dances for any given month no rollovers will be issued. If you miss one social practice that missed social practice cannot be rolled to the next month. If you miss one or more classes in a given month of your plan that class will not roll over. Contact CCS for any questions regarding subscription.

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